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"Excellence is not a skill, It is an attitude."

Ralph Marston

Skill Enhancement Training (SET) is best defined with three objectives:

  • Specialized - Designed to enhance pre-determined physical qualities and associated skills deemed necessary for increased success and reduced risk of occurrence/severity of injury in a certain athletic endeavor;

  • Progressive - Training is scheduled in a manner as to produce the optimal results over time with minimal risk of injury; and

  • Transferable - All training is a means to an end to promote high-levels of sports performance excellence in all capacities and optimal transfer from specialized and simulated exercises to that particular sport. 

FUEL Sports Performance focuses on skill development of Human Kinetics by implementing the LTAD model (Long-Term Athlete Development). To implement the LTAD model, we must fully understand the seven (7) stages and what areas of development they target. FUEL Sports Performances puts emphasis on three (3) stages (Train to Train, Train to Compete, Train to Win) for the development of High School, Collegiate and Professional athletes. 

"It never gets easier, you just get better."


Skill Enhancement Training (SET) is very different from conventional training. Skill Enhancement is all about explosive movements, reaction, speed, and agility. Conventional training normally puts more emphasis on body transformation. This program includes Sport Performance training that has to be developed specifically for that sport and or skill. This type of training normally includes wide ranges of agility, skill development, mechanics, power and speed training.

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