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FUEL Sports Performance training is a targeted approach to training focused on your sport of choice. Performance training is functional in nature and requires a solid foundation before introducing skill to the equation. FUEL Sports Performance helps athletes achieve their desired performance goals by assessing inefficiencies, developing skill sets, building technique and honing in biomechanical memorization. Utilizing integrated movement that focuses on functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency, FUEL Sports Trainers forces the athlete to work in all three planes of motion versus just one plane, which is commonly seen in traditional strength and conditioning programs. An Integrated Sports Performance Program consists of flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, plyometric, speed, agility, and quickness training.


We will embark on implementation of specific exercises and variables with the end result being an improvement in your chosen sport.  Every sport challenges and athlete's physical capabilities in different ways, so, in return, FUEL Sports Performance will enhance the capabilities of the athlete to perform the skills most necessary to their sport of choice.

FUEL Sports Performance trainers will include and target the following areas of concentration that will have a significant benefit to the athlete:

  • Injury prevention

  • Progressive Rehabilitation

  • Skill Enhancement

  • Skill Development

  • Footwork and Foot Speed

  • Linear and Lateral Speed

  • Running Mechanics

  • Decrease wasted effort due to improper movement

  • Increase postural control, balance and stability

  • Increase muscular endurance

  • Increased total strength 

  • Elevate Maximum Power Output

It is important to remember that Sports Performance training includes helping the athlete while they are away from the sports arena or practice field.  With that being said, incorporating these benefits with a focused nutritional and supplementation program will help create adaptation and improve recovery, so that the athlete can maximize their athletic potential.



Sports Performance Trainer

Brandon Trusty

Brandon "Trust" Trusty is a former AFL (Arena Football League-SJS), CFL (Canadian Football League-MTLA) and NCAA American Football player. He had a well seasoned career while traveling the United States playing Football. He ended his career as NCA&T's All-Time leader in several statistical recieving category at the University. After football, he graduated with degrees in Exercise Science and Human Performance with a concentration in Kinesiology and Human Movement. He has trained numerous NFL clients, NFL prospects and colliegiate athletes. He currently is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through NSCA, a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) through NASM, a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and a USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach.

Damon McNair

Instructional Specialist

Damon "DMac" McNair is a Performance Instructional Specialist that works within a progressive and forward thinking program utilizing innovative techniques to analyze, correct and instruct on performance mechanics of players. As a Player and Coach, Damon has developed the skill set to assess and evalute talent. With an extensive VHSFL coaching career (10+ years) and a playing career at Virginia State University, DMac has developed numerous programs for athletes across the country. Coach McNair's specialty focuses on Quarterback mechanics, footwork, vision, information processing techniques, progression and reads that enhance football knowledge while all are set in game speed learning environments. He is highly specialized in mechanics, fundamentals, and mental development of each student-athlete.


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